Jealous boyfriend attacks movie director at a restaurant

A ‘movie director’ who goes by the name, Derrick, was unlucky over the weekend as he was attacked by an angry man.

This angry man stormed the East Legon branch of the KFC with his friend and gave Derrick a hefty slap for allegedly inviting his girlfriend, a supposed cast at the eatery. In a report sighted gossips24 on, the angry boyfriend indicated that he has invested lots of money in his girlfriend and he will not sit  for someone to snatch her.

In a video gone viral on the internet, the lady’s boyfriend, who is seen in a jalabiya, slapped the alleged movie director upon meeting him at the eatery. The videographer, who happens to be the jealous man’s friend was heard saying they have evidence to prove that the movie director is noted for inviting girls in the name featuring them in a movie .

He said “We are currently at KFC. We’ve been notified that one Derrick wants to see our woman, who he wants to be his cast for a movie. That cast is my brother’s girlfriend so we are at KFC and we want to teach you a lesson”

He added that, “We have a phone with the texts. We also have a proof that shows all the foolish things you do. How can you tell someone’s girlfriend to meet you at KFC? Do they cast movie at KFC? You want to take her to your house”. Alleging that the ‘movie director’ wants to take the cast to his house, the videographer quizzed if they cast movies at KFC. He also sounded a word of caution to movie directors who engage in such acts to put a stop to it or be on guard since they don’t know when their cups will be full.

Watch the disturbing  video below.

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