I’m in love with Efia Odo and even my wife knows that – Salinko

Efia Odo’s routine of posting half n*de shots on social media to grab some customers seems to have worked as Salinko has revealed he’s filled with lust over the actress.

According to the Kumawood star, he has fallen completely head over heels for Efia and even his wife is aware of this fact.

Salinko told Showbiz in an interview that Efia is crazy and he just can’t resist falling in love with her.

“I like everything about Efia. She is crazy and that is what attracts me. Even my wife is aware that I would have gone for her if we were not married,” he said.

Asked if he can handle someone he’s describing as ‘crazy’, Salinko said it would be no problem at all if he gets the chance.

“When you know the behaviour of others, you are able to stay with them. Efia Odo was born crazy and I can handle her without any trouble,” he added.

Even if he wasn’t married, Salinko probably has no shot with Efia, considering he probably cannot afford just the intriduction to mommy fee.

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