I Will Use That Money To Import Rice From China And Sell – Celestine Donkor Disses Empress Gifty For Spending 2.5 Billion On A Music Video

Award-winning Gospel artist, Celetine Donkor is shocked that a person can spend over GHC2.5 billion on a music video.

A few weeks ago, Gospel musician Empress Gifty revealed that she loves to spend money on her music videos because they promote her brand well.

In an interview, the singer who was promoting her latest music video dubbed Eye Woa said she spent a budget of $40,000 USD on her scenic visuals.

According to her, she was putting the details out to show how far she can go to beautify her craft.

Empress Gifty explained that her team could easily afford a $40,000 USD budgeted music video, unlike other musicians who may struggle to achieve such targets.

Fast forward, Celestine Donkor in an interview was asked how much she spends on her music visuals, she said can’t remember the figures since her management handles that side.

However, she gave a fair range of between GHC1200 and GHC1500 is the total money she spends on her music videos.

When the host asked if it is possible for someone to spend $40,000 which is equivalent to GHC2.5billion, she answered that it is possible but she would rather invest that money into the rice business.

Celestine Donkor initially condemned spending much money on a single music video, but her manager prompted the singer she was set up for a fight with her colleague singer Empress Gifty who actually spent that much.

She quickly retracted her earlier statement during the interview.

Watch the video below;

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