‘Come For Your Coins’ – Diamond Appiah Fires Back At Ayisha Modi For Threatening Her

Ghanaian socialites and gurus of the beef game, Ayisha Modi and Diamond Appiah, are going in hard at each other.

The two are fighting over some lands that might or might not exist in East Legon.

Ayisha Modi opened fire Friday night when she called out Diamond Appiah.

According to her, the bleached menace had taken $40,000 from her to secure her a parcel of land in East Legon for over two years now but she’s yet to see any land.

According to her, Diamond Appiah claims the man who sold her the land isn’t around and through such excuses has failed to secure her the land.

Ayisha is now asking for her money back else Diamond Appiah would have no peace of mind.

She thus warned Diamond to provide the documents to land by the end of March or face her wrath.  

Diamond has fired back at Ayisha and claims that all she’s saying is full of lies.

According to her, Ayisha ordered for two plots of land but was broke and couldn’t pay and she refunded her the part payment she made.

Diamond claims she even gave her the lands on credit out of mercy but she’s now trying to tarnish her name publicly.

She warned Ayisha to stay in her lane because if she wants war, she will give her war.

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