I love money because I will not eat love – Fantana

Rufftown Records artist, Francine Nyanko Koffi popularly known as Fanatana has advised her suitors to think twice and examine their financial strengths before they approach her.

Coming from a rich home, Fantana has always revealed she lives a flamboyant and extravagant lifestyle but does not know how to cook.

But she believes her inability to cook is not the reason why she is single. In a recent interview, Fantana said guys find it difficult to approach her and she finds it quite interesting because she is single and ever ready to mingle.

She, however, made it known that guys who would love to approach he should make sure they have fat accounts since she loves money and has a high sense of taste.

She said:

Yes I don’t know why but they are afraid to approach me and I don’t know…I don’t know why

Don’t be afraid but If you are not rich don’t approach me. If you are rich you can approach me”.

Because you can’t love me if you can’t buy me gifts and everything that I need, then you don’t love me. I am not going to chop love”.

I have to pay my bills, I have to do my nails, my hair, my bags, my pants, my shoes and all the things I need”.

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