“I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong” — The Moment Afia Schwarzenegger Was Refused To Board KLM Flight From Holland To Ghana.

Afia Schwarzenegger engaged in debauchery in Europe – it finally caught up to her after being kicked off a KLM flight from the Netherlands to Ghana.

Afia Schwarzenegger was kicked off for alleged drunk and disorderly conduct, and we have a video of the moment right here for your enjoyment.

Ghana’s national pandemic has spent the past few weeks living a life of moral decadence in Europe.

From the Netherlands to Belgium and France, Afia was a country skipping and indulging in all vices.

You know she had too much alcohol and drugs to enjoy – and she was even accused of prostitution after being busted in a hotel with a man.

Name the vice and Afia enjoyed it in Europe.

There’s nothing wrong with chilling but over chilling is the problem – Afia could not separate vacation time from a time to be serious in life.

When it’s time to take a flight and return home after your vacation, you cannot do that in a drunken state.

Afia Schwarzenegger allegedly tried boarding a KLM flight drunk and she was kicked off the airplane.

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