Hushpuppi’s ex-wife reveals that he married him because of his wealth and not out of love

A woman claiming to be the ex-wife of Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi, the FBI detained internet fraudster has given Twitter a peek of what it was like to be with the beleaguered Instagram big boy for two years.

Cece Megan said that she and Hushpuppi had been married for two years, but she never explained why they split up. She held a Q&A session with fans on TikTok, and one fan inquired if she was with him for his money, to which she answered in the affirmative, “Hell Yes.”

She went on to say that Hushpuppi had bought her an exotic island in Asia. In July 2020, as part of their now-viral special operation called “Fox Hunt 2,” the Dubai Police Force detained twelve alleged Nigerian scammers living in the United Arab Emirates.

Earlier last year, the FBI together with the INTERPOL banged on Hushpuppi and his accomplices while they were sleeping; among the goods confiscated were more than $40 million in cash and hard disks containing the addresses of nearly two million victims, according to Dubai police.


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