Hushpuppi Reportedly Fingers Popular Female OAP As His Accomplice For Money Laundering

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has disclosed that a popular female OAP has been exposed by Hushpuppi as his accomplice who always helps him when it comes to laundering money.

Hushpuppi is currently facing the United States law over fraudulent activities and money laundering and is said to be facing up to 20 years in prison as his maximum term.

He has however fingered popular supercop, DCP Abba Kyari for taking a bribe to arrest his competitor to help him carry out a $1.1 million scheme

Reports suggest that Hushpuppi has also fingered a female OAP who was involved in the criminal dealings with the infamous internet fraudster.

According to her, this OAP was said to be specialized in laundering money for the notorious scammer hence it will be best for her to hire a lawyer in America already.

She wrote, “Leaked FBI files not declassified yet: A female RADIO and TV media personality has been named by Hushpuppi as laundering millions of dollars for him to hide and move around for business. Remember Hushpuppi’s plea deal will allow him to get a lesser sentence of under 20 years if he cooperates well in time for his October 2021 sentencing. The popular OAP should immediately hire a US lawyer. This money laundering issue is very troubling and worrisome”

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