How My Mother-in-law Tried To Kill Me At My Wedding Reception-Lady reveals

Weddings are said to be very memorable moments in every girl’s life, therefore, making it a dream for any lady who is of age and would like to get married but that cannot be said to be the case of a lady who got poisoned at her wedding reception by her mother in law.

According to the lady who was narrating her ordeal on Tiktok, she had a very beautiful wedding ceremony with her husband and then proceeded to have the wedding reception at an open place where they had their wedding cake which was supposed to be cut and shared for all who came to have a taste but her in law before the event made an order for some cupcakes to also be made with coconut knowing very well that she was allergic to it.

The lady added that her mother-in-law had never liked her and always tried to find ways and means to get rid of her and the best option she thought of was to kill her during her wedding night.

She further revealed that on the day of the reception her inlaw who didn’t know she was seriously allergic to coconut had the cupcakes been made with coconut which when she ate caused her to react very badly to it that she almost lost her life out of that.

Her worried husband then called for an ambulance which then transferred them to the hospital where she was treated and later on discharged from the hospital.


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