A Nigerian woman has resorted to social media to narrate a dramatic incident she had with her mother-in-law.

The woman whose identity is unknown disclosed that the incident has made she and her mother-in-law ‘enemies’ and the mother-in-law has refused to eat dishes she prepares.

The wife explained that her mother-in-law had sat in the front seat of their car when they decided to go for a family outing.

Due to that, went back into the house and removed her clothes, refusing to go for the family outing.

According to the woman, she told her husband about it and he went to talk to his mother but the mother also got angry, and refused to go out too.

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“My mother in-law is in my house on a visit, last week Sunday we decide to take her out together with d children to my surprise before me and my husband could come out she was already in the front seat of the car when I saw this I went back and pulled my clothes. his son talked to her and she got angried and pulled her clothes too. Since then she neither eat nor talk to anyone. Please am I wrong? Am I suppose to sit at the back? For those of you condemning me put yourself in my shoe, the front seat isn’t the issue when his elder brother visited he put on this same attitude i let it go now the mother, what do they take me for? They think their brother own everything but they are wrong.The car belongs to me but hubby like riding it than his.



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