Hot Filla: Funny Face’s Children not his?

In May 2019, Actor and comedian, Funny face has welcomed a set of twins with his second wife (Vanessa).

The comedian had earlier in March of the same year hinted in a social media post that was expecting twins after his ex-wife, Elizabeth Adjoa Ntim, described him as a two-minute man to wit he couldn’t last in bed.

Fast forward, Funny Face together with Vanessa welcomed another child in 2020 during their feud which trended on the internet for a couple of months.

Over the weekends, Funny Face was involved in a gory accident while on his way from Accra to Kumasi to render an apology to his wife’s family for insulting them whiles beefing his wife (Their Royal).

As we all thought that the dust has finally settled and Funny Face will enjoy a peaceful quiet life henceforth, an uproar seems to be brewing over the scenes and which might explode very soon.

According to one of Funny Face’s fans, he must conduct a DNA test on all his three children before it’s late.

The guy’s message reads;

You’re young. If you will take this advice it will help you. Get a DNA test of all the kids if you’re a paternity biological father, if yes, you and your lawyer has to take it to court for custody where you too can see your kids. (Because there might be a chance the kids might not be yours that’s why she’s doing that). It happens a lot so the better you realize early, the faster you save yourself.

Citing from Funny Face’s reply to the guy’s advice, he might be conducting a DNA test on his kids very soon so as not to suffer the same brutal fate of Ex-Ghanaian international football star, Nii Odartey Lamptey.

Odartey Lamptey and Gloria Appiah divorced in 2013 after DNA results proved the ex-footballer was not the biological father of their three children.

The matter led to the collapse of their 20-year marriage, but disagreements between the couple overcompensation to Miss Appiah led to a protracted legal tussle.


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