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Here’s Why Twene Jonas – The American Based Ghanaian Who Dreams Of Ghana Becoming Prosperous Like Heaven Is Trending

Truthfully speaking, if everyone had the opportunity to choose the family they want before birth, some homes would’ve remained empty till the second coming of Christ Jesus. Obviously, only rich homes would’ve had people since everyone is afraid of poverty! Anyone who has experienced hunger and deprivation before knows how it is to be blessed with enough Cedis, Dollars, CFA, Rand, Naira, Dinar, Yen, and so forth.

One Ghanaian who is outside the country and always criticizing the government because of what he terms as “the system not working” has been trending of late. Having experienced how poverty feels like and finding himself in America (where he tags as Heaven), this dude has been piling pressure on some youths back home.

With quite a huge following on his social media handles, Twene Jonas TV who is also a former Kumawood movie ‘producer’ in Ghana now finds himself in New York, showing his followers the ins and outs of the giant American city and how the system is working.

As the supposed CEO of Royal Jonas Films label, Twene Jonas goes by jargons like “The System Is Working 24/7”, “Glass Nkoaa”, “Didi Free”, “Di Abrofo Mma Free”, “One Minute Bia Aban Bus Nam Mu” and so forth.

Even though some people do not agree with his approach and lambasting the leaders of Ghana to make his point, others feel that he’s overwhelmed by the numerous developments of America and feels like demanding more for Ghanaians.

To him, Ghana shouldn’t be about NPP or NDC but developments for the betterment of the entire country.

Checkout some of his videos below;

What’s your favourite jargon from Twene Jonas?

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