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Classmate drops more dirty secrets about the lady who insulted Selly Galley

Henewaa Piesie’s schoolmate has taken to the local digital space to drop all the dirty secrets about the empty-headed troll on the internet.

According to this classmate, who prefers to remain anonymous, Henewaa Piesie’s real name is Lois and she was very lonely in school because of her diarrhoea mouth.

According to this nameless informant,  Henewaa or Lois travelled to Arab to sleep with men for money and upon her returned, blatantly lied to her friends that she travelled to Germany. 

Pressing on, the secret detective also disclosed how Henewaa treated her junior like pieces of rags and made those who unfortunately fell into her den suffer he wicked trait 

I am not surprised about Lois at all. She has always been a bitter girl who enjoys tormenting others. She is the definition of a real witch because back at high school she was rejected by everyone. Everyone was scared of her because she was a bully and had a vile mouth that could literally make you commit suicide.. I hope her scuffle with Selly Galley makes her change for the better. 


In other news, Henewaa has taken over social media trends after she described Selly Galley as an ugly barren 

Salma Mumin has also revealed how this same Henewaa tormented her under her posts with her “FLAT A$$” comments.


Source: Gossips24.com 

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