Jesus Won’t Come For The Second Time – Willi Roi before his death

The opinionated music producer, Willi Roi, who died yesterday, before his death revealed that the belief that Jesus will come for the second time is void.

Growing up, in our religious studies, we are thought that Christians strongly believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ, as stated in the bible.

Many hold on to this belief, and just as the ascension of Christ happened so does a religion believe that Jesus Christ will descend for judgement of the living and dead to commence.

However, the late Zylofon Media giant, Willi Roi told D.J. Premier on Entertainment Capital on Saturday, 10 November 2018 that – accodring to : “Jesus’ return will take time; it will not be by this time. From the way things are going in the world, the guy won’t come. Even if he will come, it will be about 10,000 years later”.

Mr Roi was a guest on the show, together with Papa Shee, a former musician who is now a born-again Christian.

After being told by Papa Shee that he needed to embrace Christ and live, a Christ-like life, Mr Roi said he was already a Christian and has passed the level of receiving Christ.

“I have passed the level where you don’t even know what God wants you to do and we are at the point where we communicate with the throne. [In] heaven, we will still be performing. … We have passed the priests level, we are the Ministers of God and we will perform in front of God and make him happy. My fruit is invention. I invent [musical] notes and the notes I hear from the throne room. Where I hear the notes from, you will hear God telling you to do something else but I hear notes.”

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