Grant All Gays In Africa Free Visa To Come Join You In America-Sonnie Badu

According to the man of God, the issue of accepting homosexuality in Ghana has to do with culture against enforcement. Sonnie Badu who took to social media to share his view on the issue revealed that it would be better if all Africans who are gays are been given a free visa to move abroad.

Sonnie Badu further revealed that foreign authorities who seek to enforce LGBTQI rights should take it upon themselves to accommodate all those people if they feel their rights are been infringed upon in Ghana.

Taking to social media to share his opinion he wrote saying;

I think I have a solution for this LGBTQ buhaha going on in Ghana. It’s culture versus enforcement, so this is the solution since some of the ministers of state are being denied visa for this reason.

All the foreign countries that want to enforce that law should make asylum visas available so those who are practicing it will travel to all respective countries to live permanently, and also get better medication for diseases like HIV, and better Mens dross should they need it … ( 😜lol people go turn LGBT by force ) because life can be hell in Africa where basic human right privileges are denied;
but on a serious note it will bring peace … lol

Also from what I know a lot of young men got introduced to this by some rich men who promised to help them 🤔 So most of the young men and women do it to survive.

With this I believe there will be peace because there are more pressing issues in Ghana than this battle. #BaduWrites#SonnieBadu#DrBadu

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