JOIN THE FUN, SHARE THIS !!! has already reported that a Ghanaian lady in her late twenties was mercilessly whipped for allegedly fornicating in Saudi Arabia. The trending video of the injustice act on the poor lady has raised a lot of eyebrows on the Ghanaian internet community.

Some celebrities including Prince David Osei, A Plus, Archipelago etc has angrily and aggressively blasted the men in the video who landed the hot-dirty slap on the face of the innocent Ghanaian lady as well as the old man who gave her the 100 lashes.

Amidst this confusion and unending backlashes on the supposed “Holy than thou” people who cruelly brutalized the deliberately unnamed lady on various social media platforms;

Another disturbing video which shows how the lady was caught in bed with her Sudanese lover has surfaced online. In this current trending video which has received a very big NO from Gnajains online, its evident that the lady was first physically abused before receiving the 100 lashes.

Kindly watch the video to know more



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