Ghana suffering because of “badminds” in the country – Shatta Wale

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has noted that as a country, Ghana keeps suffering not because resources do not abound in the country but because Ghana because people in the country do not have good hearts.

Shatta  Wale has been one of the proponents for the development of the youth of Ghana.

In his latest tweets, the artiste has outlined why Ghana keeps lagging behind and insist that a lot need to be done to fight the system.

His tweets read “Gh is not suffering from anything we r just sick with badmind, we disrespect our presidents, we don’t like to see someone go up, In fact this country is full of badmind and evil thoughts Foreigners should beware of the people of this country.. I have said it”.

Until we change our mindset no foreigner would trust our ways and we will keep complaining about our economy. This life in Ghana has to stop cuz it making us suffer for nothing.”

“We have everything here in Ghana but yet still we want to waste time and fight ourselves whilst we can use that time to create a better future for ourselves but instead we even blame the government who is trying to let us know we can all do this together. It’s a shame Ghana !!”


“Ghana has gold, diamond ,etc but yet still we complain like Ghana is not blessed’s a shame we have turned this country into a gossip town and looking for the next man to attack all because one has not thought of taking advantage of the blessing God has upon this town .

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