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Fix yourselves first before you call on Nana Addo to fix the country – Afia Schwar tells Ghanaians

Idiots like Afia Schwar are part of the main problems we have the country. Instead of her to use her influence to rally behind the #fixthecountry crusade which seeks at demanding a better governance from our leaders, she rather ‘talking in the highest form of nonsense.

The controversial woman who is obviously on the NPP’s pay list has shared a video of herself bashing Ghanaians who have joined the #fixthecountry campaign.

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Seemingly Afia Schwar is ignorant about the whole #fixthecountry brouaha but because she has a big mouth she has decided to join the other enemies of progress are rather blaming citizens for the high cost of living, power crisis, increase in fuel prices etc.

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Well, in her own words; the behaviour of Ghanaians in taking care of their neighbourhood must be taken seriously as the president cannot build the country all by himself should the people also not support his vision.

Source: Gossips24.com

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