Femi Falana tells Abba Kyari that the FBI will extradite him whether he likes or not

Femi Falana, a human rights activist and lawyer, has stated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will bring Abba Kyari, the beleaguered Deputy Commissioner of Police, to justice whether he likes it or not.

He talked during a Twitter Spaces discussion moderated by Rinu Oduala, one of the EndSARS activists.

He said;

 Whether Abba Kyari likes it or not, the Americans are going to get him to stand trial.

We want to make the government responsible and accountable, anybody who has been kidnapped, the family members who have paid ransom to have them freed

The Nigerian government, which participated in “gangsterism while dealing with secessionists,” intends to follow due process in Kyari’s case, according to the Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

The FBI is currently looking for Kyari for his ties to international cyber fraudster Ramon Abass, also known as Hushpuppi.

Source: Gossisp24.com

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