“I only acted as a debt collector for Hushpuppi” – Abba Kyari cries out

Nigeria’s one time celebrated police officer and DCP, Abba Kyari who has found himself wanting ever since the FBI tagged him as an ally of Hushouppi has changed his story from being a tailor to a debt collector for the detained internet money mule.

The FBI has accused Abba Kyari of taking a bribe from Hushpuppi in connection with his fraud case in the United States, and he had earlier responded by claiming that the money Hushpuppi provided him was for African dress he wanted him to buy for him.

Abba Kyari has dropped a new cock and bull story, claiming he only acted as a debt collector for Hushpuppi, days after being dragged over his claims of purchasing African wear for Hushpuppi and that is why he sent him N8 million.

Hushpuppi, he claims, simply provided him the N8 million to recover a loan from someone who owes him, not to arrest anyone as the FBI claims, saying that no one requested Hushpuppi for money because he sent it himself.

He further stated that Hushpuppi can be interrogated by the people keeping him in detention so that the entire world knows he didn’t take any money from him and was instead assisting him in recovering a N8 million loan owed to his friend.

Source: Gossips24.com

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