VIDEO – Ex-Sakawa King Confesses, Talks About Rituals And More

Renowned Sakawa king, Abusua who was based in Spintex-Accra, Ghana, has finally revealed how he was introduced to sakawa and the troubles he has faced serving the devil.

According to Abusua, he was first initiated into the sakawa business by Nigerians who are well known for being pioneers of the game.

Abusua has since his initiation amassed wealth for himself and spent a lot on criminal bails and clearance.

In an interview with Kofi Adomaa of Kofi TV, he revealed that he was once an evangelist but had to quit due to hardship.

His mother has rejected his persona to the length of rejecting a house he personally bought for her.

Abusua originally known as Kofi Amoateng disclosed that he visited a fetish priest with nine of his friends for spiritual help but changed his mind upon arrival at the shrine.

He added that most of his friends who used spiritual powers in scamming have lost their lives but it is by the grace of God that he is still alive.

Abusua revealed that he had many scary and wild dreams which pushed him to stop scamming because he realised his life was in danger.

He explained that sakawa is a very deadly game and wouldn’t advise anyone to get involved in that. Though he claims he has repented from his old ways, Abusua in the said interview still had his sakawa rings on.

In 2016, Abusua was in the news for trying to convince someone to bring him a girl for sacrifice, but he debunked the allegations in his recent interview with Kofi TV.

WATCH the confession of the Sakawa King:

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