Ethiopian Airline Abandons Man On Wheelchair

There has been a lot of backlashes on the African giant airliner, Ethiopian airlines for abandoning a man on wheelchair. According to the man, he was abandoned by the airport staff at Kenya airport. They refused to help him get on board the flight that was leaving Kenya to the United States.

He made Facebook posts and series of tweets about the situation he faced at the airport. He said he was treated ”insensitively” and even one staff told him to his face: “Please, we don’t have a provision for a disabled person who is travelling alone.”

According to the man on the wheelchair, his ticket clearly showed that he was using a wheelchair and traveling on his own.

He twitted:

“This clearly goes against the policies and guidelines of Kenya Airport Authority and other international disability travelling laws that this airline subscribes to,” he wrote.

After 10 hours of making the post, Ethiopian airlines reached to him and apologized for what he went through. They offered him a business class for his flight.

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