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Dr Kofi Amoabeng shocks Christians with his perspective about tithing

Dr Kofi Amoabeng who is a co-founder of UT Bank which collapsed in 2017 during Ghana’s banking crisis and amid allegations has publicly revealed that he doesn’t believe in tithing.

According to the businessman, although he doesn’t believe in such religious ritual but don’t who have faith in it can keep on with its practice.

During an interview, he said;

God has loved me probably more than everybody. My life has been full, I mean he has lifted me amongst men and he’s used me to impact a lot of lives and I’m so proud and grateful about it. Unfortunately, people believe I don’t go to church and I don’t believe in God but I don’t care about it because it’s between me and my God, I don’t have to impress you about it, I don’t tell you how I relate to my God it’s up to me.”

“I made a statement somewhere that I don’t believe in tithing and then people started saying he says he doesn’t believe in God, he doesn’t believe in this. Who am I to condemn someone or judge somebody whether they like tithing or not? I can’t it’s your business. For God sake if you love tithing and you think that will help you build a relationship between you and your God by all means I beg God go ahead.”

Source: Gossips24.com

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