Breast Sucking Doesn’t Prevent Breast Cancer-Dr Wiafe Addai Tells Men

Dr Wiafe Addai, preisdent of the Breast Care International has denounced the statement that men sucking the breast of women help prevent breast cancer.

According to her, there is no research that has been done to ascertain that women who have their breast been sucked by their men do not suffer from breast cancer.

Speaking during an interview with Francis Appiah on Otec FM on Monday revealed that the education that is been given that sucking of breast is false as the holding and examining of the breast helps to detect if there is any sort of breast cancer.

She further revealed that the touching of the breast can help to detect if there is any abnormality or change in the breast which can help in the early treatment if some issue is found.

Mrs Wiafe added that breast cancer does not have any connection witchcraft as most people have been made to believe even tho the cause has not yet been identified. She however called for people to self examine themselves from time to time or go to the hospital for them to be examined.


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