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Don’t judge me wrongly with my looks – Gospel Musician

Minstrel Nana Osei ‘De Worshiper’ has revealed that his decision to have a very visible line through his hair, something which is popularly known as an ‘aboy’ in Ghana, does not anyway portray that he is a bad boy who is not even worthy to do music for the maker.

Speaking on the ‘Uncut’ show recently, the American based musician revealed that the decision to have the ‘aboy’ was just to give himself a very distinctive look but not with the intention to tell Ghanaians that he is a bad boy. He added that currently in America anybody who knows him very well remembers him for the striking look which has to do with the line in his hair.

The “You Alone” singer stressed that people should be too quick to judge a book by its cover sometimes as one popular adage says that “appearances can be very deceptive”. 

Nana Osei ‘De Worshiper’ recently came to Ghana to launch his maiden album dubbed “Owawani” on Sunday, April 14, 2019. The launch will take place at Tomriek Hotel, East Legon-Accra and it is powered by B.B. Events Management.

Check out the video of Nana Osei speaking about his ‘aboy’ on the ‘Uncut’ show below:

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