Don’t Invest So Much In Your Girlfriends – Adom TV Presenter Advises

Men are fond of spreading cash on their women, especially in festive seasons, a man can hustle all day spend 10% of his income and give the remaining 90% to a woman.

This has given the perception that a man with love and without money is just like an empty barrel in a relationship, many wont disagree.

Adom Tv female presenter, Maame Yeboah Asiedu, a.s.k Maamegold has advised Ghanaian men who are in relationships to desist from the habit of investing all they have in women they are yet to marry.

According to the tv hostess in a video sighted by, in a relationship, one shouldn’t invest so much until he/she has tied the knot with his or her partner.

In the vals day message to men, she advised women to be appreciative of whatever their men do for them, even if its not cash and its just a hug or kiss – which will be difficult for today’s woman.

She further advised men who have siblings to invest in them when the need be and desist from spending everything in a relationship that can go down at point in time.


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Don’t invest so much in a partner you’re not married to, cos you might be disappointed.

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