Don’t date an NSS or NABCO personnel – Counselor advises women after Tracy left NSS boyfriend for Ken Osei (video)

It is a ”Year of Return’ for all girlfriends of National Service Personnel and NABCO personnel at large. A viral video that captures an advice a counselor was giving to a group of ladies has made issues worse.

The video comes few days after let the cat out of the bag to tell the world the actual reason behind Tracy’s breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Richie, an NSS personnel.

Well, we are very optimistic there will be more heartbreaks for NSS personnel and NABCO personnel after the said conference which saw a counselor giving a horrible advise.

According to the female counselor in a viral video in the possession of, any lady who is dating an NSS or NABCO personnel should dump him.

As outrageous as her comments, her explanation was that, these service personnel are not ready for marriage and would waste their time, hence the need to move on in life by dumping their boyfriends if they are now doing their service or serving the nation through NABCO.

She made matters worse when she said men who are jobless don’t deserve to be with women and are the worst in the category, hence, they deserve to be dumped as well.


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