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Donald Trump worshipper dies while fasting for the president’s speedy recovery from Covid-19

Bussa Krishna who is a big-time Donald Trump enthusiast is reported to have died last Sunday after suffering an unexpected cardiac arrest. According to reports, this die-hard Donald Trump fan worshipped and exalted the president like a deity.

According to his friends, Raju went numbed after news went rife that Donald Trump had tested positive for the COVID-19. He “spent sleepless nights, starving and praying for the United States President”, they said.

During an interview with one of the local FM stations, his brother told the reporters the following;

He was upset when he learned about Trump testing positive for the COVID-19. He spent sleepless nights, starved and prayed for the US President Trump’s recovery for the past three-four days. He died of cardiac arrest today around noon.

The 38-year-old collapsed while having tea at his relative’s residence at Toopran area in Medak district of Telangana. He was taken to hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

Raju was a great devotee of Trump. He had built a six-feet Trump statue at his house in Konne village in Bachannapet block of Janagaon district of Telangana last year.

His neighbours also said the following after news of his death got to them

He treats Trump as his God and offers prayers every day. He was a  ‘Trump Krishna’.

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