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“Confused Trump And His Supporters Are In Denial Moments” – Social Media User Trolls

The President of the United States of America is still fighting the November polls over what he terms fraudulent polls.

An outspoken social media user who goes by the name, Nnami, has trolled President Donald J. Trump and his followers for refusing the results from the polls. According to the social media user, Trump and his cohorts are just in denial.

She reiterated that she is familiar with the five stages of grieving and denial as the first stage is the hardest to overcome.

Her lengthy tweet read;

***Where are Trumpers getting their vote counts from? These mumus in Nigeria are still counting Trump’s votes in all US States.
These guys are just mentally unstable. You can’t convince me otherwise.

I know about the 5 stages of grief. Denial is the first of the 5 stages of grief.

But these Trumpers are lasting too long in this stage. They are still massaging themselves with false hopes.

Anyway, they will get on with it soon. Or maybe not. Either way, Joe Biden would be sworn in as POTUS come January 2021.

Trump is just like a typical African leader who is power-drunk by default. But the US is not Africa. The US is bigger than a power-drunk President.***

Do you think she has a point?

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