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Clemento Suarez Reveals that He’s Been Barred from Mimicking Rawlings by Family

According to one of Ghana’s favorite comic actors, Clemento Suarez, the family of the late former President JJ Rawlings have barred him from mimicking him until he is buried.

We have seen lots of videos in which Suarez mimicked how Rawlings spoke and acted with so much accuracy. One of such videos was shot when he visited the Ex President himself in August and mimicked him. Rawlings could not hold his laughter.

The actor was asked during an interview on UTV to mimic the late Rawlings but he refused saying the family had requested he doesn’t until he is laid to rest. He clearly intends to do just that.

I was called by ex-president Rawlings’ family to stop imitating him from now until he is buried. I was told to respect the dead and more so his personality as a former president,” He said.

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