Change your name or else…- Mike Two cautions TV Presenter Ohemaa Woye Supa

Names!!! are very important for people who find themselves in the entertainment industry as they can either make the brand of the individual one that will be admired by many or one that will struggle to survive in the challenging local entertainment industry.

With this key point in mind, controversial radio personality with Adom FM, Mike Two is currently on the neck of his colleague, Ohemaa Woye Supa of Angel TV’s “Etesen Dwumadie” fame to try and change her name because it is one that is already associated with a more popular person in the entertainment industry.

The host of “Adom Entertainment Hall” makes the point that everybody in the country who has any form of association with people in the entertainment industry will testify that the name of Ohemaa Woyeje, a former colleague of his, is very popular and known by all and as such, the newbie, Ohemaa Woye Supa will struggle.

Also, in the series of posts sighted by on Mike Two’s Facebook wall, he emphatically adds that unless the presenter changes the name as soon as possible, she won’t be able to make any form of impact in the industry because nobody will know about her.

Check out Mike Two’s post below:

I am hearing one female Tv presenter called Ohemaa something supa is peeved with me because I ve commented that she would not fly with her name….I think she shld think of it and change it and later thank me….Ohemaawoyeje has already built on her name so any ohemaawoye supa wont go anywhere as a brand… she can choose to accept it or not…”


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