Your Boyfriend Came To Use And Dump You – A PLUS Continues To Drag Feli Nuna Online

Kwame A Plus has refused to accept defeat after singer Feli Nuna took him to the cleaners in the studios of UTV.

A disagreement broke between A- Plus and Feli Nuna yesterday during a studio discussion on United Showbiz on the role of a boyfriend in the career of their lovers.

Watch the video below;

The controversial political activist was of the opinion that female musicians must make their boyfriends invest in their career or agree to the condition of an intimate affair from male music executives.

Feli Nuna disagreed and raised that she expects her record label to invest in her career and not burden her boyfriend.

This did not sound pleasing to Kwame A Plus who started hauling insults at the singer and calling her boyfriend broke.

Feli Nuna took impersonal and all hell broke lose in the studio of UTV as the two exchange harsh words. In the end, Feli Nuna was ranked winner by social media critics.

Wounded A Plus Woke up seeking vengeance and has taken to his Instagram page to attack Feli Nuna again.

He called Feli Nuna’s boyfriend broke once again but this time added that he only came into her to use and dump her.

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