Awal Mohammed Fires Strongman, Medikal, & Other Rappers In New Diss Song

Ghanaian rapper, Awal Mohammed has taken a bold step in his attempt to prove to Ghana and the world that he is no longer a kid – as many assume he is – by throwing shots at top rappers in the music industry.

Earlier, reported on how the Talented Kidz rapper, Awal Mohammed referred to Strongman and Medikal as SHS rappers.

Sometime ago, Awal Mohammed in one of his interviews stated that Strongman and Medikal cannot murder him when it comes to beef.

Claiming the right as the best rapper in Ghana, Awal Mohammed threw wild shots at Strongman, Medikal and rubbished their claims of best rappers in Ghana.

He also dissed many other rappers in the country and described them as school rappers who are yet graduate to meet his level.

Awal also jabbed Archipalago who described as someone who has always been criticizing others but he is in the USA carrying toilet of other people for a living.

He, however, praised his former boss, Sarkodie as the best rapper in Ghana and prayed he will the president of Ghana one day.


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