Just some few hours ago, there was a very big musical event. The media called it “The battle of undefeated musical champions.” After years of beefing and claiming the Kingship of Dancehall music in Ghana.

The two globally acclaimed Ghanaian dancehall heavyweights finally battled each other on the same stage. After months of build-up and intense media-pressure;

There was a display of fierce, dramatic 40 rounds musical bout which saw both Shatta and Stone in one of music’s best performances in history.

It was a night of exceptional flow of music weaved with enthralling stage performances from the two music geniuses.

For the sake of history and for the love of the “game”, let’s take you through the epic moments you probably might have missed during Assase Radio’s organized soundclash between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy.

Before the two jumped on stage for the actual clash, Shatta Wale taunted Stonebwoy and his BHIM Nation after emerging as the winner of the votes section of the event. Check out the video below to know more;

Stonebwoy’s triumphant entry also became the talk of town citing his vigour and straight face as he entered the auditorium with his entourage ready for a massacre.

Shatta Wale really did prove that, in fact, he’s the richest musician in Ghana as he arrived at the premises for the clash with his brand new Cadillac Escalade which costs around $100,000.

In the wake to cement their authorities of the dancehall genre in the country, the two gave as a freestyle dubbed “DUNA” in the course of the clash.

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. . DUNA duna sorrr from these grown folks.. Lol

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Shatta Wale who’s known to be an experienced provoker and teaser forced Stonebwoy to diss his music godfather (Samini) on stage by calling him a sell-out after Shatta Wale requested for Samini’s “Master” to pummel his protege.

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. . Shatta Wale pushed Stonebwoy to the wall with his performance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚leaving Stonebwoy with no other option than to label Samini a Sellout

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As the game got more intense, Stonebwoy who believes he’s a good performer and additionally has more hit songs than Shatta Wale mocked his contender as he literally told him he’s short of hit songs “U nor get hit songs”

A time came and the lyrical battle had turned into a display of wealth as Shatta sprayed 1 cedi notes into the air in and in a counter-jab, Stone replied with a prime Tyson right hook as he dirtied the auditorium with 5 cedi notes.

As emotions settled in-in the course of the sensational clash, Shatta Wale addressed Stonebwoy as a local champion who has no command or in other words has no primal recognition in the world music market.

As we all know the attention-seeking nature of Shatta Wale, he couldn’t afford not to cause stir aftermath the clash as he dramatically walked off the stage after dropping his last song for the night. Some people believed he chickened out at the last minute.

In the final stanza, Stonebwoy climaxed the memorable event with a top-notch last-minute performance which forced the audience to gaze in awe as they got infected with the “Putuu virus”.

Notwithstanding the few challenges and misunderstandings between the two dancehall heavyweights, it was a battle well fought.

And the two music giants have instantly putting the fear of God into all other dancehall acts who have intentions of battling them in the future.



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