Apple Plans To Shut Down The ITunes Music Platform

AMERICAN Tech giant Apple is expected to announce the end of its music platform iTunes at its developer conference beginning tomorrow.

Users with an Apple device can used iTunes to search for a song, a music video or a TV show. Now, the iTunes era will draw to a close.

The iTunes platform was a vital part of Apple’s global growth in the early 2000s.

The launch of the iconic music model began a music revolution that entered homes around the world, and completely destroyed music retailers, who drew revenue from in-store album purchases.

The iTunes platform was first introduced to the world at the 2001 Macworld Expo and created a frenzy among consumers and industry experts alike.

Why bother loading up your CD wallet with discs, when you could just enter your credit card details and purchase a stack of music or TV shows at the click of a button?

Anyone who was lucky enough to own an Apple device at the start of the millennium could suddenly access a monumental amount of content from one easy to use platform.

It was the perfect solution to an era plagued by piracy as well as clunky technology — only one CD at a time in your Walkman? Come on!

Now, after 18 years, tech giant Apple has announced it will officially shut down iTunes.

This may come as sad news to the nostalgic among us, but Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is due to unveil a spread of new apps that will take the outdated platform’s place in the music, movies and podcast space.

The closure will commence with a phasing out of iTunes’ download and streaming services.

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