Anti-Drug Abuse Campaigner Arrested With 5kg Heroin Hidden In Pawpaw

An anti-drug abuse campaigner identified as Joseph Njau Ngendo, was arrested in Kenya on Friday with 5kg of heroin hidden in Pawpaw.

Joseph who was arrested shortly after his trip to Kampala, Uganda, is suspected of having gone to Kampala to procure the drugs which he had concealed inside pawpaw. The anti-drug abuse campaigner who was arrested on Friday with 5kg of heroin, reportedly procured the drugs from a Nigerian based in Kampala.

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A police report which confirmed the arrest reads in part;

“Joseph Njau Ngendo was arrested within Westlands area on his return from Kampala, Uganda… he had left Nairobi on Wednesday night travelling by MASH bus. 

“Police records indicate that Njau is a frequent traveler to Uganda. He has a pattern of leaving Kenya through Busia border and comes back to Kenya through Malaba border. He does this to evade detection,” the reports expounds.

“In early February 2019, Njau made two other trips to Uganda where he is suspected to have hammered a deal with his Nigerian drug associates.

“When not dealing drugs Njau Ngendo works part time as an anti-drug abuse campaigner. He regularly visit schools and social gatherings to give talks against drug abuse.”

The suspect will be arraigned at the JKIA law courts on Monday, February 25 where he is expected to be charged with possession and trafficking in narcotic drugs.

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