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There is no coronavirus in Ghana – Akua Donkor claims

Akua Donkor, founder and leader of Ghana Freedom Party has stated emphatically that Ghana has never recorded a single case of the deadly coronavirus case.

The maverick female politician who admitted she believed there were cases in China and Europe attributed the causes to their bizarre taste in meat.

According to her, Chinese are known to like snake and frog meat which have been described as highly poisonous.

”All Ghanaians should reject assertions that there are confirmed Corona virus cases in Ghana. There is no case in Ghana”, she said in Twi.

She even argued that Ghanaians do not have the same taste as the Chinese so it is highly impossible to a Ghanaian to contract the novel coronavirus.

She further stressed that the government has not reported a single of a Ghanaian in China which goes to cement her point which is ‘on the grounds that Ghanaians don’t take in similar meat as the Chinese, we can’t get the infection.’

She made this statement during her ongoing nation address broadcasting live on Kofi TV.

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