Anokye Supremo’s Girlfriend Chopped The Money Meant For His Surgery – Aunty Reveals

Ceteris paribus, ladies are nothing but the most dangerous species on earth taking into consideration the awkward movements by the majority.

Despite the fact that Mother’s Day has been over-hyped worldwide, a lady’s heart can be more bitter than quinine especially Edith, girlfriend of the late Anokye Supremo.

In the voice of Anokye Supremo’s Aunty, Daddy Lumba has no hands in the untimely demise of the musician but rather his girlfriend called Edith. According to the Supremo’s Aunty, heartless Edith consumed all monies meant for the surgery of Anokye Supremo for reasons best known to her.

In a fast circulating audio on social media, the said Aunty claims the so-called girlfriend called Edith popped up after Anokye’s first interview with Kofi Adomah on Kofi TV, soliciting for funds to undergo surgery

Edith attached herself to Anokye, Anokye trusted her to the extent that he only listens to advice from her. According to the Aunty, Edith had access to his bank codes and whenever people donate money, the girl goes shopping with the money meant for Anokye’s surgery.

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