Daddy Lumba Did Not Kill Anokye Supremo – Manager of Anokye Supremo

Right after the untimely demise of Anokye Supremo, the court of public opinion starting pointing fingers at Daddy Lumba as the one who indirectly caused Supremo’s death.

Remember that Anokye Supremo lived his entire life under low self-esteem taking into consideration the fact that he failed to be himself – he wanted to be just like Daddy Lumba. Logically, he lived his life to push the Daddy Lumba brand, however, Lumba failed to recognise that.

Thus, Daddy Lumba took his admirer to court to stop him from parading himself as his son and also desist calling himself Daddy Lumba Jnr. Fast forward, Lumba’s move generated a lot of backlash with many tagging him as ‘wicked’ and ungrateful.

In the process of the lawsuit, Anokye Supremo fell sick of brain tumour and funds had to be solicited for him to be flown to India for a surgery, but unfortunately he couldn’t return to his motherland, Ghana alive.

But Frank Agyekum who used to be the manager of the late Anokye Supremo commenting on the brouhaha in the studios of Onua FM posited that Anokye died of a tumour and what the public needs to do is to research about the ailment.

Simply put, Daddy Lumba has no hands in the death of Anokye Supremo because Daddy Lumba does not manufacture brain tumours – an ailment which killed Anokye Supremo aka Daddy Lumba Jnr.

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  1. Mark cophie says

    Hahaha the manager I thought he not an African, saying DL did not manufactured brain Timor ? Don’t you that there satanic witchcraft? Without Any ailment or diseases how can a person died. Can he remembered the story Job in The Bible how Satan put diseases such as biols on Job.? Theres powers of Darkness. . If don’t have the Spiritual eyes don’t comment on such issues.

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