An Evil Spirit Attacked Me While On Set – Kumawood Actor, Komfo Kolege

Renowned Kumawood actor, Komfo Kolege, has revealed that he was once attacked spiritually whiles on set.

According to the comic actor, on one of his usual days of playing the role of a fetish priest he was attacked by a spirit he believes is not from God.

He further stated that the spirit he believes, attacked him because of his role but was lucky to have been saved by God almighty.

It is often believed that spirits do attack actors and actresses who play roles in ritual movies, a vivid account is an actor in Nigeria who went to coma for two days after playing the role of dead man.

I wasn’t overtaken by the gods but I was spiritually attacked. Most of the time when we are shooting a movie, there are spirits around so while I was acting, I collapsed.

According to the pastors who prayed for me, while I was acting the spirit present felt I was a real fetish priest and attacked me. That was why I collapsed and if not by the grace of God, I would have died. I don’t have any spiritual powers”, Komfo Kolege disclosed.

Watch the video below; 

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