“They All Use Juju” – Kwaku Manu Drops The Names Of Kumawood Stars Who Use Black-Magic In The Movie Industry

Ghanaian Kumawood actor-cum-YouTuber who’s widely known as Kwaku Manu alias Bob-Cigar has made some profound revelations on the use of black-magic locally known (Juju) amongst celebrities: most notably movie actors and actresses in the showbiz industry.

The multiple-award-winning actor who has starred in over 300 both local and international movies knew his claims were sinister but exhibited unflinching courage in stating them.

In the early minutes of an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye on GBC Radio Central which was been monitored by a staff of Gossips24.com, Kwaku Manu said:

The issue of juju goes beyond the movie industry and can be found everywhere in the Ghanaian society. He further added : It is a human character. Even in the church, you’ll find that problem there and some people go for juju to establish a church. Within families, some people go for juju to be the most successful person amongst their siblings.

On the authority of Kwaku Manu, almost 90% of the actors and actresses in the Ghanaian movie industry rely on voodoo for protection forbye sink the careers of compeers they hate or hold grudges against.

In the dying minutes of the interview, Bob-Cigar disclosed that: he’s a true Christian and doesn’t rely on black-magic for protection because God is the most powerful.

Source: Gossips24.com

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