All You Need To Know About Billionaire Femi Otedola (PHOTOS)

Femi Otedola is one of the richest men in Nigeria. He is the chairman of Forte Oil Plc. Femi Otedola house and cars are something amazing. Do you want to see the treasures of one of the wealthiest men on Earth? Continue reading this article.

Femi Otedola house

Femi Otedola is a millionaire that owns at least three houses in Lagos. One house is located in Ikoyi. One more is in Abuja where he has regular meetings with officials. Plus, one more in Portharcourt. It has been rumoured that Femi Otedola houses are located all over Nigeria.

From secret sources, it`s known that he has houses in Ibadan, Kano, and Enugu. Recently, Forbes confirmed that he has a house in England. Femi Otedola may allegedly have houses in the USA, France, and Monaco.

Let`s take a look at his ginormous mansion at Ikoyi. Even by the modest calculations, this house costs around several hundred million dollars. It`s quite a cozy place. Nobody can enter the house undetected as it has CCTV everywhere. Alas, a high wall which surrounds the mansion can`t provide enough view. Behind this wall is a three-level completely white building. In this residence, he has a car park filled with several of his favorites cars.

As earlier mentioned, the security measures are top notch. No intruder can infiltrate the mansion unnoticed. For his own pleasure, Femi Otedola house has a swimming pool. It`s a nice place to host pool parties. His daughter also likes it. The interior of the building is state of the art. Millions of dollars have been spent to make the inside look like an interior for kings. Luxury furniture was transported from EU countries. The personal desk in Femi Otedalo home office was sent to him from Italy.

Main colors of the house are white, green and gold. It defines the richness of one of the wealthiest people in Nigeria.

Femi Otedola Cars

Femi Otedola owns a fleet of expensive cars. There are two favorite brands of cars he really likes. The first brand is Mercedes. He owns a Mercedes fleet in Nigeria. Another brand is the Rolls Royce custom designed cars. They are built in the Great Britain. These two fleets together cost around $8 million. He prefers to make his Mercedes cars bulletproof.

Femi Otedola believes that it`s dangerous for him and his family in Nigeria to drive around without bullet proof cars. Cuppy Otedola, a daughter of Femi Otedola, once confessed in an interview that she was tired of the security at home. She has to travel with a security team and bullet proof cars in Nigeria. Her risk of robbery and kidnapping is pretty high. Femi Otedola is a lover of cars. Let`s take a look at his two favorite ones.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. This car was spotted in his mansion in Ikoyi. It`s a heavy luxury pickup truck. The initial cost of this auto is around $300 000. With additional custom design and the bulletproof system, it may cost up to $400 000.

It might be the most used car of the Otedola family in Nigeria. This SUV is made for road trips and protection in any hazardous situation.

Rolls-Royce Phantom. This car is a state-of-the-art of the British car industry. The initial cost of this super luxury car is around $420 000. Femi Otedola has several of them. Still, he does not desire to stick to the plain design. The custom created Rolls-Royce Phantoms cost him around $600 000 each. It`s no wonder, Rolls-Royce Phantom is an icon with a powerful 6.8-liter V-12 engine. It`s an immortal classic which is custom created in England.

His most recent car is a Mercedes Benz Mclaren SLR valued at N250 million which he jokingly proposed to sell to his daughter, DJ Cuppy if she so desire it after the singer teased fans online that she bought the exquisite car.

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Femi Otedola Private Jet

If he is considered to be one of the richest men in Nigeria, why won’t he own a Jet? Femi Otedola owns a private Jet which costs more than sixty million dollars. He always uses it when he wants to travel to the Great Britain and back.

Alas, he is not the only one who uses this jet. DJ Cuppy, his daughter, cannot resist posting a selfie while aboard her dad’s private plane on Instagram. The 26-year-old DJ travelled around most of the African countries on this Jet. It`s a luxury which not all Nigerians are used to.

Femi Otedola Yacht

The Chairman of Forte Oil, Femi Otedola, couldn`t resist buying a twelve million pounds Yacht. He named this ship after his lovely wife, –Nana. You can see this yacht docked at Walter Carrington in Victoria Island. This yacht is also accustomed to wild parties. Similar to Femi Otedola private jet.

The yacht is also used by members of his family. Cuppy and Temi Otedola do not miss the opportunity to throw parties on this ship. The interior of the Yacht is piece of art. You would like to live in this water palace.

Femi Otedola Net Worth

He owns so much stuff! Where does he get money to support all of these houses, cars, private jets and yachts? Femi Otedola is the controlling shareholder of Forte Oil. This company owns about half a thousand gas stations in Nigeria.

The company also has oil storage depos to support the gas stations. His main source of wealth is petroleum. He is considered to be the third richest person in Nigeria. Femi Otedola net worth is about  US$300 million (2019).

Femi Otedola life

Femi Otedola continues to rule his business empire with a firm hand and earn millions. According to him, his treasure is his family. His three daughters make him a proud father. They enjoy a piece of Femi Otedola house and cars. You may visit their Facebook pages and Instagram to check out how rich they are.

Femi Otedola continues to invest in his children. He even contracted a music studio for his daughter. DJ Cuppy can enjoy the support of a billionaire.

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