Afia Schwarzenegger Robbed! – Scary Details Pop Up

Afia Schwarzenegger has been robbed! Daylight robbery that occurred right in the streets of Accra!

The self-styled comedienne revealed this in a video she shared online, announcing she was robbed but also giving a public service announcement for others to watch out for the same experience.

Schwarzenegger revealed that she was driving through Accra Wednesday afternoon, around Ogbojo Total Service filling station.

According to her, whilst in traffic, two men on a motorbike stopped by her.

The next thing she knew, they snatched her driving mirror and drove off with it!

Afia expressed surprise over being robbed whilst in the car – it’s not like she parked it or left it unattended somewhere!

According to her, Ghanaians should be careful and watch out for people on motorbikes who are alongside them when stuck in traffic.

She further added that if she grabs those thieves, she will run them over with her car!

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