Afia Schwarzenegger’s Twin Son Busted At Ash*wo Line On UG Campus – Video Drops

One of Afia Schwarzenegger’s twin sons has been busted chasing girls on the University of Ghana campus.

A video of him with some friends out late at night to find girls to ‘run’ at one of the school’s hostels has gone viral.

Afia’s son and friends stormed the Mensah Sarbah hostel with the sole intention of chasing girls.

As they were speaking to some of the girls outside, a couple of girls inside started recording them and giving commentary on what was happening.

She called out Schwar’s son for visiting the hostel at that ungodly hour to chase loose girls.

The hilarious girl had a few insults for the boy due to his mother’s intransigent behaviour.

Afia’s sons cannot escape her shadow anywhere and they keep falling into trouble due to her actions.

One girl tried defending Schwar’s son and said he wasn’t the one chasing a girl but just came with his friend.

Watch video of the moment below…

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