A Video Of Delay Predicting Addi Self Will Sell Out Shatta Wale Two Years Ago Pops – Up

Current trending news on major news portals and on various social media platforms is; Shatta Wale’s confirmation of sacking the S.M Militants (Natty Lee, Addi self, Captan and joint 77) from his camp.

Shatta Wale who appeared to be agitated by the rebellious attitude of the aforementioned persons disclosed this information via a Facebook live segment.

According to Shatta Wale, he sacked his supposed comrades because they are lazy, proud and further went on to label them as talentless.

Well, a video which has currently gone viral – is an interview the controversial female media personality popularly known as (Delay) had with the S.M. Militants two-years ago on her Delay show program.

In the course of the interview – Delay humorously predicated that; Addi Self will sell out Shatta Wale in the coming years and interestingly her prediction has become a reality.

Kindly watch the video below;

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