6-Year-Old Boy Gets Electrocuted By Naked Wire

A very sad incident is said to have happened at kuntenase where a young boy named Gabriel Otu was reported to have been electrocuted whiles on a snail hunt.

The young deceased was said to have gone on a snail-catching expedition with his twin brother in the compound of some district workers who had left a naked wire lying around on the compound.

According to reports, the incident which took place on Sunday 5 September saw the deceased having some parts of his body been burnt just when he was electrocuted.

An eyewitness at the scene of the event revealed that he heard the cry of the twin brother of the deceased and rushed to the scene only to see the lifeless body of the boy lying there.

He further added that the naked wire has been lying down there unattended to by the people in the house for days causing the young boy to die from it as a result.

Source; Gossips24.com

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