21-year-old SHS student commits suicide

A second-year student of Amankyim Senior High School allegedly committed suicide at Akrokeri Bobrase in the Adansi North District.

The student, Richard Donkor, according to residents, allegedly threatened to commit suicide earlier in the day before committing the act.

According to an eyewitness, the father of the boy said the deceased had earlier threatened to kill himself.

“This evening it was drizzling, so we were all hiding and I had a call that one boy has committed suicide, so we all went to the scene. We broke the lock and entered the room, and we saw him hanging in there. So that is what has happened.”

“The father of the boy told us that the boy is 21 years old. According to the father, the boy had earlier threatened that he will commit suicide, and he indeed has done it.”

The motive for the supposed suicide is however not known.

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