109 persons have been arrested by the Accra Regional police command as suspects who violently attacked officers deployed to the Ritz Junction area in Madina, to enforce a court order.

Amongst these 109 suspected persons, 13 are females and a total of eight of them have also been identified as having played a role in the attack and resisting the officers from performing their lawful duties.

Addressing this disheartening issue, he Accra Regional Police Commander, DSP Afia Tenge told Captain Smart of Angel, 102.9 FM that,

With the manner in which they [police officers] restrained from preventing any casualties, I want to commend them for depicting such a good attitude during the operationalisation of their lawfully discharged duty… 

According to eyewitnesses who were around during the period of the clash between the civilians and the security personnel, the officer said to be the leader of the team of officers was shoved by the mob and pushed to the ground.

This action forced the other officers to fire warning shots to scatter the mob but in resistance, the mob also fired back as captured on a video shot from the mobile device of a bystander.

Stay tuned for more info on this devastating story !



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