You Have Mental Problem If You Fear Height – Chief Psychiatrist

As reported by, chief psychiatrist Dr. Akwasi Osei has revealed on GTV that the fear of heights, better known as acrophobia, can be classified as a mental health disorder.

He said:

“One cannot gaze down from a three-or four-story structure.” It is impossible for someone to board a plane, sit at the window, and stare down. Fear of heights is a mental health problem that makes a person feel as though the plane is about to crash. However, someone else won’t be aware… These are all minor mental diseases, along with many more.

Most patients with severe mental illnesses are people who aren’t aware that they have such a disorder.

“There are some significant ones that a person is unaware they have.” Those in the streets who are unclean and untidy and who drink from the gutter

Mental disease is not a single thing… Malaria is a single thing. Although there are more than 300 illnesses that qualify as mental illness, we frequently treat them as a single disorder. The more than 300 conditions may be divided into two groups: major and minor. minor ones, when the individual is aware of a problem but others are unaware of it,


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