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“You are not better than me, not in qualification, education, or this job” – Bridget Otoo says as she clashes with Michael Oti Adjei over politics

It’s hot on Twitter as two former co-workers of Media General’s TV3, Bridget Otoo and Michael Oti Adjei fuel things up.

Well, Bridget Otoo who is no longer with TV3 told her former colleague, Oti Adjei, that she’s academically good, and twice better in journalism than him.

It all started when Michael Oti Adjei reacted to some comments from Bridget Otoo regarding some actors’ decision to help Mama Lydia campaign in Ayawaso West Wuogon for the NPP to secure the seat.

Bridget is headlined by numerous online portals to have said the actors were daft for making such a move while they knew very well that John Dumelo, a colleague of theirs, is also contesting in the constituency.

It’s on the back of these reports deduced from Bridget’s opinion that led Oti Adjei to school her former co-worker that there’s nothing wrong with people picking sides.

In a tweet sighted by Gossips24.com, Oti Adjei’s actual words were, “Everybody is free to pick a side and propagate that publicly but other actors clearly are not supposed to because their colleague is contesting in the particular race. This logic I don’t understand. Must have been why every journalist backed Oppon Nkrumah.”

Though he did not tag Bridget, it was an open knowledge that Bridget Otoo sparked the conversation on the bird app with her comments. Bridget in-turn replied Oti Adjei asking him to man up and tag her, “Tag me next time and stop this hypocrisy. Such nonsense. Is that what I said? Can you not read?

As if that was not enough, it appears Bridget’s held some bitterness within her as she went on to say, “.@OtiAdjei next time tag me! Please by all means you continuously malign me on this app and I look away. I won’t take this from you. You are no better than me, not in qualification, education or even in this profession. Please I’m ready for you. So keep it coming

The Kojo Oppong Nkrumah you are referencing was at one point doing this work and is now doing politics He’s not alone, there are so many of our colleagues that You @OtiAdjei would beg to be in their presence and you want to call me names cos I chose this path on my own?,” she continued.

Michael Oti Adjei on the other hand has ceased fire as he claimed he has other important matters to deal with… well, the first lecture was enough to put Bridget in her right place.

SOURCE: Gossips24.com

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